Affordable E.H.M.
Affordable  E.H.M.


Delivery to Tacoma available. Only $13.00 per day!  Any type of monitoring.  No setup fee!  Weekly payment plans. No home phone required.  Call today to schedule an appointment. 

Alcohol And Home Monitoring Only $13.00 Per Day!


 Weekly Payments available.

1-360-878-8896 Don't wait, we have agents ready to help.  Keep your job, home, and serve your sentence with Affordable EHM.



Delivery available to all of Western Washington.


Providing Local Delivery to all of Pierce County, Mason County, and Thurston County Call today for information on getting started and completing your sentence with Affordable EHM.



E.H.M. and Alcohol Monitoring All In One Stop.


Need Electronic home monitoring and alcohol monitoring?  Call Affordable E.H.M. and get both services all in one stop!  For ONLY $13.00 per day! 


      $13.00 Per day!   No Set-up fee or home phone required. Weekly payment plans available!  Call now to schedule your appointment. Delivery Available.

$13.00 per day price applies to most sentences.  Call for pricing and availability.  For expedited setup, in custody screening, and times of limited availability fees will be applied.  Call for more information.

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 Home Monitoring and Alcohol Monitoring 

    We can fulfill court ordered Scram/Alcohol Monitoring and GPS requirements without the large bulky equipment and no home phone required.  No need to test at all hours of the night.  We supply G.P.S. and Alcohol Monitoring for one low cost, all in one small device.


No Setup Fee

     Don't pay the outrageous setup fees and high daily prices of  other companies.  Our services are priced at an Affordable rate, so the average person can be on the program and continue to work and attend to their family obligations.  Call today and make 1 STOP to get all your EHM/Alcohol Monitoring with Affordable EHM.


Convenient Equipment

    Our equipment is easily concealable from children, co workers, friends and family.  An Ankle Bracelet and a Cell Phone are provided and are simple to  keep charged.  Serving Pierce, Thurston and Mason counties. local delivery to Tacoma, Olympia, and Shelton available.  Call today for an appointment and any information on how Affordable E.H.M. can help.


Low Cost

    Affordable E.H.M. pricing, as low as $13.00 a day!  Weekly Payment Plans Available.  No set up fee or home phone required.  Continue to work and serve your sentence at home.


Excellent customer service

    We provide excellent customer service to give the client a simple solution to what may seem like a major problem.  At Affordable E.H.M. we understand people go through hard times.  We are here to help you keep your life on track and serve your sentence from home. 


Local Delivery Available to Pierce County, Thurston County and Mason County.  Call today!

    Affordable E.H.M is dedicated to giving quality service and a fair price to all of Western Washington. Local delivery available for Olympia, Tacoma, Shelton and all surrounding areas.  A long lasting commitment to the Puget Sound area and the E.H.M industry makes Affordable E.H.M. your 1 stop for all your EHM needs.


The Device

     Our devices are small, lightweight and require no home phone line or wifi like most companies do.  A blackberry cell phone (that we supply with the ankle bracelet) is to be carried by the client and a small ankle bracelet is to be worn by the client.  Keep them charged and that’s it we do the rest. Local delivery from one of our customer service representatives takes just minutes.  Quick easy setup.  Visit our device page for more info or call today for more info 1-360-878-8896

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